After driving through the New Forest a couple of years ago, Wiltshire based Wedding Planner Matthew Oliver knew this would be the perfect location for a styled Wedding shoot. Wanting to break the boundaries of ‘washed out’ photography, Photographer Paula Broome took a more Edgy, dark approach to her pictures creating a formal dining scene with horses, to an evening party in the woods.

FLORIST: White Lilac Flowers
HAIR & MAKEUP ARTIST: Natasha Grewcock
GOWNS: Boo Bridal
ACCESSORIES: Bitten Weddings
MODEL: Ayoola A

Classic French Manicure

A ‘French Manicure’ is a classic nail polish style that is timeless and versatile.

Using CND Shellac ‘Cream Puff’ to create that natural white line, I then layer up with CND Shellac ‘Beau’ all over the nail plate, to finish. Some people use a makeup brush dipped in polish remover, others use stickers or tape to create the little white line… I like to use the brush, along with a steady hand to create a natural-looking line.

Please take a look at my video for results x

Perfect makeup – 8 supereasy steps to looking flawless…. FAST!


Step 1: A Touch of Base

I don’t like to use foundation all over, just where there are imperfections: most often under the eyes, around the mouth and nose, and on any blemishes. Dab using your ring finger. To give your skin that flawless coverage blend down onto your neck using your fingers.

TIP: A foundation blending brush is recommended for those stubborn areas around the nose, chin eye sockets & forehead

Step 2: Conceal

I apply with a brush & dab with my finger – especially on the bone at the inner corner of the eyes, which is where people often have grey shadows and around the nose.


Step 3: Spots

If you have a spot that needs covering…hide it with an extra layer of concealer. Use the same kind as in step 2. Use a brush & apply it onto problem areas, to avoid cakeyness use your ring finger to pat its perimeter outward until smooth.

TIP: For staying power, apply powder over top with a puff to absorb oil and to keep cover-up from sliding off

Step 4: Eyeliner

Apply a liquid/pencil eyeliner to the base of your eyelashes, gliding across the line of your eyes. Smudge a slightly lighter charcoal, brown above the line for that sexy feline look.

TIP: The cotton bud will remove any excess eyeliner & will help flick out your line.

Step 5: Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow:  I first like to sweep a layer of translucent powder all over the brow and the eyelid which doubles as a base to help shadow stay put. I prefer medium shades, like taupe, charcoal or heather to shade the socket and the edges of the eyes. Use darker shadows for a more dramatic & glamous look.

TIP: Blend, blend, blend those edges.

Step 6: Mascara

Prep your eyelashes by curling them first. Apply your mascara as close to the roots of your lashes as possible by gently lifting the wand upwards. Apply a couple of coats for that more dramatic look making sure each lash is groomed to perfection.

TIP: Separate your lashes with a eyelash comb

Step 7: Blusher

Blusher:  “Blush is my favourite thing in the world.” If you have the right blush,you look younger, fresher & prettier. Older women should definitely add a tawny blush – which looks more natural. Coral & pinks add a pretty, vitalised look. I sometimes use two: a bronzer shade, and then a brighter one on top to add contouring.

Step 8: Lipstick 

Moisture before you do anything else. Niva is my fav. I like to apply lipstick straight from the tube – I never seem to have  time for a brush, although lip brushes make lipstick last longer. Medium tones are easiest for most women to wear and lip stains are a really natural-looking choice.

TIP: A dusting of  powder through tissue pressed in-between lips for that LONGER lasting colour